end note 8.2 Windows version plugin for word 2016 seems incompatible with mendeley plugin

Since several months ago the use of end Note MS-Word 2016 plugin make the program crash (there was a time without incompatibilities but any of the upgrades, from your side or from the mendeley side). There is any kind of conflict between YOUR plugin and the plugin of MENDELEY. When both are active, any use of endnote pluging make the program crash and lost all the unsaved work. (in the other case, using mendeley plugin with endnote plugin active has no problem). If the mendeley plugin is removed, the endnote plugin works like a charm (no problems at all).

I have contacted with Mendeley because it seems that some of the code that they have include in their plugin make your plugin unstable. They told me that the problem is on endonte side because mendeley works fine with your plugin installed but your plugin is uncompatible with mendeley

OS: Windows 10 64 bit

Word version: 2016 under 365 license