Endnote 6.0.2 on Mac

Because I have to write some papers I am using EN X6, and what a mess!

First of all, it doesn’t add a button to my Word 2011, but rather you need to go through 100 different menues to get where you want.

Second: Why does it crash all the time? don’t tell me it is my Mac please! It crashes and crashes word as well!

Finally: I get the following results when I want to add a publication: assumme I want to cite a publication as following:

First Author, Second Author, Third Author, Forth Author

Why on earth does it appear like that:

Initials of 2nd Author First Author, Third Author, Forth Author


Sorry to hear about your frustrating experience with EndNote X6.  The non-addition of Cite While You Write commands in Word is most likely related to the crashing behavior you’re experiencing.  It sounds like Word is not looking at the correct folder for startup items and/or the correct EndNote add-in file does not exist within Word’s default startup folder. 

To check the designated Microsoft Word startup folder:

1.  Open a Word document.

2.  In Word, click the “Word” drop down menu and choose “Preferences”. 

3.  On the Preferences window, click on the “File Locations” tab to check the designated Word startup folder. The default folder for Word startup items is “Hard Drive>Applications>Microsoft Office 2011>Office>Startup>Word”. 

To ensure EndNote’s add-in file exists within the designated Microsoft Word startup folder:

1.  Quit Word altogether.

2.  Access Finder.

3.  Click your “Go” drop-down menu and choose “Applications”.

4.  Inside Applications, you’ll find your Microsoft Office 2011 folder.  Open this folder.

5.  Within the Microsoft Office 2011 folder, open the Office sub-folder.

6.  You’ll find the Startup folder inside the Office folder, open the mentioned Startup folder.

7.  Double-click the Word sub-folder, which will be found inside the Startup folder.

Are you able to find any items inside the Word folder?  If so, please let me know what’s stored here.

Regarding the appearance of author names, it sounds like the names have not been entered correctly within your EndNote library records.  The following knowledgebase article touches upon the formatting requirements of EndNote’s Author field-


Please let me know what you find.

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