endnote and pages

I’m referencing in a Pages '09 document using end note. When I insert a citation in a floating/inlined object (e.g. a text box for the caption of a figure) this immediately becomes my “last” reference (i.e. number 25 of 25 on the list) and therefore my citation order is messed up (it is the last citation independetly of its place in the document). Any way I can fix this? I have seen very similar post for Word but the solutions doesn’t work for me.

Thank you very much for your help.

Can you insert a citation in the text where you want it to be in numerical order and then hide that text in Pages? 

No I can’t. 

Then it sounds like you need to ask Apple to modify the way the Pages program treats the text in boxes.  I don’t think Endnote developers have any way of modifying that feature of the program.  (or ask them to add the “hidden text” font option?)  

Here is a link to the Apple Pages Product Suggestion/Feedback form:


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