Endnote caret between p. and pp. is not producing desired results.

I am trying to format a paper according to a modified Author-Date output style. However, even though I am using a caret between p. and pp., both of them appear in the outputted document. So for example, it looks like this.

 Durt 1996, p.^pp.  1-24.

Could you help me resolve this issue? I am attaching the modified output style.

Author-Date modified.ens (17.8 KB)

There are 2 extra blank spaces in your citation templates which “deactivate” the link adjacent text command by breaking the link, causing EndNote to treat “p.^pp.” as a separate “text” element instead of a command. Removing the 2 blank spaces “reactivates” the link adjacent text command (refer to attached) and suppresses the display of “p.^pp.”.

Author-Date modified Copy.ens (18.1 KB)

Thanks so much. That did the trick.