Endnote citations missed


I have a word file with many nukbered Endnote citations. Suddenly all the numbers of my citations in the text disappeared. The citations must be still in the backgroud because if I mark a certain citation and press the right mouse button, I can put the field on.

I almost go crazy because I am trying for hours to find a button where I can fix that and the numbers come back.

Also the numbers in the biobliography disapeared. Could anybody help me and explain this in simple words because English is not my mother language?



You aren’t in the right forum, so these can be overlooked by other members of the forum.  

I suspect you have a style that has no “citation template”  - like annotation or a footnote specific style, like Chicago 16B. 

Change the output style to Author, year or numbered in the Word processing document on the endnote ribbon or the Endnot toolbar - format bibliography dialog.