Endnote connection to Google Scholar

Please, please!!! Develop a connection file to Google scholar that allows like the feature in “Read Cube” to directly download the linked PDF files into the Endnote library!

oooh that woudl be great, but i don’t think GS will allow that.

i am working on a scientific study of GS, and have much trouble with this.

zotero used to be able to download 100 at a time, but since GS allows only 20 references per page (since last month) you can only download 20 at a time.

I made this request to Endnote years ago and honestly don’t understand why they can’t get it sorted. Paper allows you to search in Google Scholar and have not had a problem getting more than 20 refs at one time. Papers also allows you to mail PDF’s with one click instead of having to jump through the silly export or save as hoops of Endnote. Papers also has a citation/referencing feature, but is not as robust as EN.

I’ve used EN for over 20 years, love it, and is the number one software purchase I recommend for my students. Still, it’s time to take EN to another level with regard to ease of PDF distribution and more search capabilities.