Endnote corrupts with Word Index

i have found a bug that EndNote X3 cannot deal with : if you use teh Word Index feature (at the end of long documents) adn some of your index items are marked inside the endnote fields, then the Word file becomes corrupt because endnote cannot cope with an external field within its own field (in this case Word sticks an {XE blah} field inside endnote fields.

my workaroudn, although it is poor,  is to not put the word index in until the very end of the initial document production process, when i would convert the endnote fields into plain text and then insert the Word Index fields no problem. however, this is very inflexible, as 95% of the times i need to revise the endnote references with endnote later, and to remove the index then and try to back-convert plain text into endnote fields is just not worth the effort ( at least for documents with 100+ pages)

any chance you have allowed foreign fields inside endnote fiedls for X4?