Endnote Curriculum Vitae Software

Does it exist? I cannot find it…how great would this be…like merging Word with Endnote to create a software the merges the power of the database features of Endnote that can catalogue our academic references (publications, presentations, grants, academic postions, committees, etc) with the power of Word. Endnote could create fields for each of the possible activities we do and then the user could decide which order they want it dumped into Word and then the user could finish it with formatting font etc for the final look. Also, this could be rolled out department or institution wide to create a database that can be used for leaders to produce quick and convenient annual reports…any thoughts on this possibility?  Thanks PJE


I adapted a style to do this many years ago so that this in Word:


{Willowson, 2020 #5303}


{Bailey, 2019 #5081}

{Eslick, 2019 #5082}

{Bailey, 2019 #5083}

{Sammel, 2019 #5110}

{Back, 2019 #5204}

{Back, 2019 #5203}

{Chan, 2019 #5302}



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It worked fine up until Endnote X9.2 but now it hangs when formatting in Word. I have a workaround, by starting Endote and formating the file in the Tools menu. But used to work perfectly.