Endnote cwyw.dotm error

Hi all,
I have a problem with Endnote X8.1 and Word 2016. I have Win10 (freshly updated from yesturday).
My problem:

When I open a new word document (launch Word>new doc), I have a windows error:

Impossible to finish the save: access file authorization error
C:\Users…\ EndNote Cwyw.dotm

(Sorry translation from French)

The consequence: If I modify a word document, Word do not want to save my modifications.

What Did I try:
Repair Microsoft Office => don’t work
Repair Endnote = > don’t work
Rename in EndNote Cwyw_Old.dotm to create a new one = > don’t work
In word > option > COM Add In page> select the location of EndNote Cwyw.dll => don’t work
Reset the keyboard shortcut as I saw in this forum = don’t work

I check the authorization: C:\Program Files\Common Files\ResearchSoft\Cwyw\18

The folder “18” is in “read only”, but the files inside this folder are not in “Read Only”

I’m running out of solution.
I hope you would have a good one.

Error Cwyw.dotm.jpg

a little follow up.

I think the problem is related to the last update of windows the 10179. So I dowgraded the Windows 10 to the previous update. Everything work now. How to spend half a day stuck by an informatic problem grrr…

Anyway, I turned off the upadates, and wait for a new one.

Hi all,

The issue with the Endnote cwyw.dotm comes again, with the last Windows 10 update.

Is there any work around ?

Otherwise, I will have to re-downgrade Win10, again.

Thanks for the response.

After some mails with the support office, I had to re-install my windows, word and Endnote. It solve the problem.