ENDnote for a civil engineer

Hi there,

I`ve just downloaded the last version of ENDNote and I am testing it before buying. I am a civil engineer and my personal library is composed by a lot of pdf files. I have those problem:

1)      I have a folder with all the pdf files. I have used that folder to create my own ENDNOTE library. When I add a file, will the program update automatically the library?

2)      One of my purposes is the have the possibility to do a research all over the world libraries about a specific engineering topic. Do I have this possibility? Do I have to load in the program specific libraries for engineers or I can run a search all over the world?

I have tried to find an answer in the forum but without success.

Thank you very much for your help.


Endnote will not look at a folder to see if a new PDF has been added since the last “import” of a folder.  You may want to request this as an enhancement, but I just have a temporary folder that I clear after importing via that mechanism.  It is far better in my experience, retrieving more complete records, and thus to import the record from a database and then recover the Full Text article and let Endnote manage the PDF storage. 

Database Searches from Endnote are database specific, one at a time, (i.e. one library holdings at a time)  If the Engineering field has a database similar to PubMed, you could search “the world” in endnote, or search the holding with the proprietary software and import a file into Endnote.  Web of Science (Thomson product) and Scopus (ISI product) are two proprietary data bases with engineering topics (but I don’t know how well they are represented there, being in the life sciences) which can import/connect directly thru Endnote.  There may be others that are more specific to the Engineering field that you could consider. 

Thank you very much for your help.

Do I have to buy the service or it`s free?

Pubmed is free.  Scopus and science direct are not.  Web of Science access I think comes with Endnote for 2 or 3 years.  As long as you upgrade somewhat regularly, you would be fine (but not access to full text unless your place of school or work has subscriptions). 

Thank you very much…just the last question…

why when I import a folder with 1830 files the program shows only 1152 files?

It seems not to import the total amount of files.



Don’t know if there is a maximum import limitation.  Break em into two folders and see.