Endnote for iPad PDF URL needs fix

Endnote for iPad, updated to the newest version 1.1
iOS version 5.1.1
iPad 3

The article was downloaded from ACS website, sync to myendnote web through web of science. When downloaded to my iPad, all URL links in the reference section got screwed up like that in the attachment. But pdf opened fine in desktop. No problem with the pdf files.

Please fix it. Thanks

EndNote for iPad version 1.1 is not compatabile with iOS 5 - only iOS 6 and 7. Is anyone seeing this issue on iOS 6 or 7? If yes, please reach out to me directly - ideally with a sample pdf document - and I will look into it.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

jason [dot] rollins [at] thomsonreuters [dot] com

I don’t want to upgrade to iOS 7 because it will make my iPad running real slow. But if your iPad has upgraded to iOS 7 give this file a shot, the same PDF file I have problem with.
nn500598d.zip (396 KB)