EndNote is not responding. Error = -1712

Since OSX Mojave I have some issues with Endnote X8, and its successor X9 respectively. When I try to insert a citation in Word, Endnote often lags significantly before showing me the CWYW editor. Sometimes, after waiting for some minutes, I do get an error-message with the code -1712 (afterwards the CWYW windows opens regardless). Often I can bypass this behaviour by switching briefly to Endnote and back to Word just after issuing the ‘insert citation’ command, which is quite annoying. Furthermore, when searching for a reference in the CWYW window it stays blank unless I start to scroll, after which it shows the results. 

I tried to reinstall the CWYW plugin and Endnote completely, to no avail - how can I fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Me too and it is an headache:angry: