Endnote on Linux

Now that Endnote supports OpenOffice Writer, are there any plans to release a Linux version ?

one reason that is stopping me from going all the way to convert to Linux for my machine is that I use a Windows based program called Endnote (a software to create bibliographic databases and also to cite while writing a paper in MS-Word). I havent been able to find a similar program that would work on a GNU-Linux system. Is anyone aware of such a program that I can use on Linux with OpenOffice? I had suggested ResearchSoft (the company that sells Endnote) that they should try to also release an Endnote version for Linux users but this is what I heard back from them:

"There are no plans to create a Linux version of EndNote. Our Web-based
bibliographic tool, WriteNote, works through a Web browser on all
platforms - including Linux.

We do hear requests for CWYW plug-ins for many different word processors
fairly often and we would love to be able to accommodate this - but this
is just not economically feasible. The MS Word CWYW plug-in is over 1
million lines of C++ code that would need to be heavily customized, and
tested for each application. We just do not have the staff bandwidth to
do this for all [or even some] of the other popular word processors."

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I think the open source based software (or projects) like OpenOpen.org, Zotero, and Linux are getting more popular and expanding user base. Simply, they cost less, but also the development is fast, and user feedback/integration is tight.

What would be the future of “old shool” software like Endnote or MS Office?

This paper is now open for dicussion…just kidding…I won’t be a moderator, though.

I do not think there is anything like EndNote that runs in Linux. That is the only thing that keeps me from changing from Windows to Ubunto. I hope EndNote develops a Lynux version. As there are no plans, I hope a few people can take the challenge and develop a similar software. It is really difficult for a researcher to work without EndNote.

“Take a challenge”…
what do you mean?

The Linux user base probably does not care about EndNote, since we have BibTeX as a really well established standard, and really robust and flexible.

There is already a clean reference management system, shared amond dozens of programs. Why mess up writing new ones? It will even be detrimental for the whole community. And the supposed “easeness” of Office and Endnote is just apparent, bells and whistles…shortcuts that just mess up.

You can use Mendeley if you want a frontend to BibTeX. It works really well and it makes easy to store your papers too, and on several machines in the same time.

Then I don’t know how to use BibTeX in OpenOffice…honestly I don’t like it, it’s even worse than MS Office. I’d suggest you to spend some days and learn LaTeX, once you learn you’ll love how clean, elegant and simple it is. But I’d guess that with some googling you might discover a way, it’s worth to try.

P.S: Endnote is also extremely bad in exporting.

I mean, Endnote can’t handle BibTeX (probably the simplest possible format for this specific task). Store your bibliography in Endote and you’re tied to that (or you have to do the work yourself). it would be trivial for the developer to add an export, but it’s hard to trust these kind of companies.

…no, sorry, the conversion was trivial.

Just add the needed style for BibTeX and export to text file.

Any news on this?

Will we ever get endnote for ubuntu?

Please don’t mention Wine .

You can certainly submit this as a product suggestion. This has been suggested before here: