Endnote Online - Find refs in word going to wrong Library

When I was working I had an online account which I also used at home.  I’ve retired now.  I was able to continue using the account, but got locked out after forgetting the password.  I can’t reset it as the email address was my work email, no longer in existence.  So I have set up a new account with my personal email address.  I uninstalled the Word plug-in and installed it from scratch.  The problem is that when I am in Word and search for a reference to insert it won’t find any references in my new account/library, but will find refs in the old one, even though I am logged in with my new credentials.

How can I get the tools in Word use the new library?

Even though you uninstalled the plugin it appears to have retained the old log information.

So on the EndNote tab in Word you will want to click on Preferences on the right hand side of the tab.

Go to the Applications Tab and change the email address and password stored their.

You should then be able to connect Word to your new online account.