Endnote (or Reference Manager) citations to ILLiad interlibrary loan forms

Is it possible to export citations from Endnote and/or Reference Manager to ILLIAD interlibrary loan software?

We have library patrons that have expressed an interest in doing this.  Please let me know, if you do this, how you do it.  Or if you don’t do this, do you know if this is possible and how we might do it?


The last time I used ILLIAD through our library is three years ago, so I don’t the current version. As far as I remember, ILLIAD doesn’t have import function, right? Then, even EN can export fields, ILLIAD can’t import. If ILLIAD can import tab delimited text, then we can make custom output from Endnote.

ILLiad can accept requests from Serial Solutions pages so perhaps it can from Endnote too.

I have no idea about Serial Solutions, but do you know the format of the file? Can you attach one or two sample files? As long is the file follows regular text format, and some tab-delimited or comma-delimited import/export rules, then Endnote can generate such text file.