Endnote style like bibtex amsalpha?

Hi everybody,

my apologies for not coming up with a more verbose description for what I am looking for, but I guess it is easiest to just look at it: I am looking for an Endnote style that is similar to the latex/bibtex amsalpha style (example here: http://www.mackichan.com/products/shells/amsalpha.pdf ). Any suggestions?


P.S.: I use Endnote X4 if that’s important.

Could you identify your: 1)  discipline, 2) targeted journal titles.


unfortunately that’s where the trouble starts. I am not aware of any journals or conferences in my field (human-computer interaction / computer-supported cooperative work) that uses this style (they either use IEEE- or Harvard-style), however my institute proposes this style for the actual dissertation.

I suspect that it is used more frequently in math, however, I found that at least the AMS Bulletin does not use this style.



Reed College has a list of BibTex styles by discipline [see here] which lists the American Mathematical Society (AMS) using amsalpha. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that EndNote has a corresponding output style for any of the AMS journals.

Unless someone on the board has further info or a style to share, your options for an EndNote-resolution seem limited to:

  1. Submit a style request to EndNote, although there’s no guarantee when and if your request will be fulfilled: http://www.endnote.com/support/enstylereq.asp

  2. Develop the style on your own.