EndNote v-e-r-y slow

Windows 10, Surface Pro, Endnote 8.2 11343.

I have Word closed.

Working on a newly created library with 12000 references.

About 100 of these have pdfs attached.

when i go to add an attachment, it takes about 20-30 secs each time to add ref.

any clues why?

regards geri

Greetings Geri,

With your EndNote library open, I’d suggest clicking Tools>Library Summary… to confirm the “Location:” information shown here - is your library stored on your local hard drive, or a network drive / external drive?

Please let me know what you find.

thanks for response Jimmy.

all folders are on my C: drive, in the default location (Users/myname etc)

Hello Geri,

Is your user account perhaps re-directed to a server location? What happens if you close your library and open the Sample Library from the “C:\Users\Public\Documents\EndNote\Examples” folder? Do you have the same issue with this library?



Update Java from Java.com ! WOW! FINALLY got something to work! FYI, Running OSX 10.14.16. Endnote 8.2. Now it is fast again! FYI IU shut down endnote while I installed Java to ensure some issue wouldn’t crop up. Then simply booted Endnote again without reboot of computer.

Boom! Thank you to ScrippsOcean. No thanks to EndNote for not helping other than simply having the forum (some help).