Endnote Web transfer issues


Anyone having the same issue where you can upload references from desktop to web but whne you try to download web to desktop , it says ‘0 reference transferred’

Using EndNote X1, Microsoft 2009, Mac 10.5.8

Any tips?



Can you confirm if the references you are transferring back down already exist in the EndNote library? If they do not, please confirm if you can format a bibliography containing those same references in EndNote Web.

Best regards,

Mathilda, the EndNote team


I am having the same problem

I cannot format a bibliography, I get the message 

Unable to format the reference(s)

whether I try to export, format and so on

when I try to d/l to x3, it says

0 references were successfully transferred to the "[fiename] " EndNote library.

hopefully someone can help!

This can be caused by an extended character in teh author, keywords or any other multi-value field. Often the culprit is an em-dash. When replaced with a regular dash, formatting and transfer should work fine.  This is a known issue we are working to resolve in an upcoming release.

If you have trouble locating the character, contact Technical Support.

Mathilda, the EndNote Team