EndNote Web transfer problem

Re: EndNote X4

When I want to transfer records from “desktop” to “web,” I move the records into the EndNote Web shared folder. I then transfer the records to the web. The problem is removing these records from the shared folder without deleting them from the local EN db on the desktop (so that I can transfer others records later without transferring these again).

I can highlight the references in the shared folder and there is a “cut” option in the right-hand click drop-down menu. However, unlike this feature with groups and smart groups, it moves the record itself to the Trash folder. Perhaps I am doing something wrong or have missed another way of removing the records from the shared folder without deleting them from my database. If not, can the “cut” command be set to do what it does with my group records?

I am not sure that I am understanding this exactly but I think the confusion is likely due to a few basic design flaws in the way the files and folders are displayed in EndNote.

When you say “I move the records into the EndNote Web shared folder.” - I think you mean a folder displayed under the “EndNote Web” Group Set in the main EndNote library window? If yes, the confusion here is understandable as it seems that EndNote allows you to drag and drop records from you main desktop library on to an EndNote Web folder displayed here but it really does not - this is a bug - or a UI glitch anyway.

I recommend creating a separate temporary group in your desktop library - something like “Files to Transfer to EN Web” - then using the Transfer feature to send this to your web library. See the attached screen shot.

Clearly this should be easier to understand and is why we are working on completely re-designing this function. “Transfer” was only ever meant to be a temporary design until we implement a full Synchronization feature; we are actively working on this.

If I am misunderstanding the issue, please add some comments and I will try to help.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

On re-reading my post here (and with some input from others on the team) I am not sure that my comments are completely accurate. The drag and drop does work but the overall design of Transfer can still be confusing. In this particular case, after dragging records to the group, you still need to invoke the Transfer function. Plus, the key question seems to be -“if you want to remove something from an EndNote Web Group, how do you do this without moving the references to the Trash?” - following the workflow in my previous post - create a separate Custom Group and use the “Transfer” dialog feature (and repeat with different sets of references if desired) - is the recommended way to do this - not using the EndNote Web folder in the main Library Window - probably another weakness in our current design.

The general rule for EndNote Groups and deleting is: if it’s a custom group, delete “Removes from Group”.  But if it’s any other type of group, delete “Moves to Trash” - this does not seem to make perfect sense for the EndNote Web groups in this discussion. We will keep all of this in mind as we develop the Sync functionality.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team