EndNote X - Word 2003 : problems with inserting references and saving documents

A tricky problems to explain and still finding more anomolies.

The computer is a Toshiba laptop and normally users are configured as administrators and logged in under an institutional windows domain usercode.  Technical staff such as myself have the ability to log into the computer as a local administrator.

The normal user (as logged into the domain) was able to use Word normally as required until EndNote X was installed.  With the EndNote add-ins (tools menu and toolbar), the user has lost the ability to Save or SaveAs any document, auto-backup throws up an error and any attempt to use the normal endnote tools in Word (eg Insert citation) results in the error message of “This Command is Not Available Because a Document Window is Not Active”

Normal operation of word is enabled by removing the 3 files from the user’s profile for “…word\startup”.  This also removes the ability to use EndNote within Word documents.

This problem only occurs with users who login under the domain system.  Local users to the computer can log in with administrator rights and everything works fine. 

I suspect this is a permissions or registry problem as I have investigated other possibilities I could find.  Add-ins and disabled items for word are all as they should be.

Versions of software as follows

Windows XP Pro - SP3 

Word 2003 for windows - SP3

EndNote X ver X.0.2 

Suggestions please

No fixes in sight so far, but the problem has changes as solutions attempted.

I have uninstalled EndNote X and installed a later version of EndNote X1 with the hope that the problems would go away.

No such luck.  The same problem exists with regard to not being able to save files, but clicking on the EndNote tool bar now returns the error “The macro cannot be found or has been disabled because of your macro security settings”.

I have found the various methods to remedy this situation, but none work to date.  This includes checking the templates and addins (EndNote Cwyw.dot is ticked) as well as the Macro security levels (Trust all installed addins and tremplates and also tried lowering security).

I suspect the next step may be to re-install MS Office 2003.

Tried a re-install of MS Office but no luck

Action Taken: Issue turned out to be a altered default user profile which contained an unknown corrupted entry. The profile had been taken from Administrator and copied over default user so chances are there was a setting tied to admin that didn’t like being replicated to different users. Once the default user was cleared and a new profile loaded Eudora and MS Word were happy.

This was the reason that newly created profiles exhibited the same problem.  Precisely where the problem was in the profile has not been determined, but the software works as required.