EndNote X2 CiteWhileYourWrite crashing with Word 2008 on Mac OS X G5 - error 609

Need Help - EndNote X2 was working well with Word 2008 on my Mac G5 running OS X Tiger (10.4) until today when it just started crashing whenever I go to CWYW.  Gives error 609, but I have not been able to find any information on what that means.

I have tried deleting all of the EndNote preferences in my library and have download a new CiteWhileYouWrite folder and reinstalled EndNote.  Still having the problem.

Any suggestions?

I have exactly the same problem, but I am running Endnote X2 and word 2008 in Mac Osx 10.5.6.

I have deleted all preferences of word and endnote, but that did not solve the problem.