Endnote X2 on Mac OS 10.5

I cannot format the references in a Table (office word 2008 for Mac, and Endnote X2). It said ‘A COM exception has occurred. The number must between’.

Anybody can help? Thanks. 

A have the very same problem, but no solution found yet…

I’m having the same problem with MS Word 2008, Mac OS 10.6, and EndNote X3. I already have at least a dozen references in my table, and suddenly I can’t format my library because of this error. I want to pull my hair out. I’ve tried deleting .plist files as suggested elsewhere; I’ve also read it might be useful to turn off text-wrapping (which seems a nontrivial sacrifice–I can’t submit this paper without text-wrapping in the table). EndNote is my least favorite software.

I went to Table > Properties  and set text-wrapping to “None.” Problem pseudo-solved. Thomson Reuters should fix this.