Endnote X2, Vista 64 and Word 2008 printing lockup

When I am working with a document in Word 2008 containing Endnote citations I am having trouble printing to double sided pages.  When I go to print all is well.  When I select ‘Properties’, the properties window opens and the machine locks up.  I cannot open any other program or windows and am forced to restart the computer.

This does not happen with document which do not contain any endnote citations.  It only seems to happen with I select the properties box so that I can choose to print double sided pages.

I am using Endnote X2 with Word 2008 on a Vista 64bit machine with 4MB RAM.



I have explored this problem further.  It definately does not occur with any documents when endnote is not enabled.  I have tried with several documents, both new for testing and old, and all print fine.  BUT, when I open the properties dialog in the print box, Vista essentially locks up.  I cannot select any other tabs or windows.

I am forced to Cntrl-Alt-Del and reboot.  Even the task manager is frozen so I cannot just disable word or endnote or the print dialog.

I will try this on another vista machine I guess.


Hello Ken,

You haven’t gotten a response on this?  My apologies.

I’ve seen this behavior on a few Vista machines.  I don’t think it’s specific to 64bit OS’s though.

The best solution for this is to print from a version of the document created with the “Remove Field Codes” option from the EndNote tools.  (Or, Convert to Plain Text in the 2007 ribbon).

Make sure you do not save the resulting document over your Original, as it will have it’s EndNote Codes removed.

Having done this, try printing from the document created by that process.

Since it’s EndNote elements have been removed, you shouldn’t have any trouble.