endnote x3 mac libraries and x7 mac

Can X3 mac libraries be used with X7 mac under El Capitan?

Yes.  but it might take a bit of time openning the library the first time, as it reindexes any attached PDFs.  

Many thanks, Leanne.

I am not a new user. In fact, I have some 15K hand-made entries. I use Endnote not just as a citation manger but as a very rich and complex data base with many cross-indexed references including, for example, personal communications and interviews. Thus, to lose my X3 libraries would be to lose infinitely more than just future potential bibliographies . . .

It always is a sensible precaution to make a copy of the “libraryname”.DATA directory folder and all its contents in a safe place (or compress it with the X3 program if you are concerned)!  But the libraries are cross platform and version compatible.