EndNote X3 - Without the Word Add-In

Hi, I use a network computer at my university and this means it doesn’t allow the installation of programmes. However, I could still run EndNote X3 from the desktop (copied from my program file folder at home).

Now, I have to write a thesis and may have to edit them at university but, because I can’t install the programme, there is no Word Add-In. So I can’t automatically update my references in the document and this is a little inconvenient. I could manually insert the citations but that would mean it won’t be updated once I go home with the file. 

Based on this FAQ (http://endnote.com/support/faqs/cwyw/faq43.asp) I found the *.dot, and *.dotm file but there was no *.wll file. With just the *.dot or *.dotm file, there will be an add-in tab/toolbar for endnote x3 but clicking any of the buttons resulted in error pop ups: 

So, the question is, how do I use EndNote X3 with Microsoft Word 2007 without having to use the add-in? 

Please help and thank you.