Endnote X5 Cannot open file from USB device


hitherto, I used to save my bibliography file on my USB device and I never had any problems. Now I have bought Endnote X5 and, first of all, when I started it, my bibliography file was damaged and I lost it… However, I tried it again with my safety copy, but I cannot open it as long as it is on my USB device. I can only use it when I store the file on my harddrive.

Everytime I open it from the USB device, a completely empty file appears.

Does anybody of you know this problem and has an advice on it?

It is much more convenient to have the file on my USB drive, since I have it always with me…

Sorry for the broken English, I’m not a native speaker.

I really look forward to your replies.



Are you using Windows?  Are you able to put your cursor on the file, right-click, select “Properties”, then see if the Attributes setting indicates: “Read-only”.  If set to “Read-only”, de-select the option then click OK.  Retry accessing the file.

BTW there’s an update for X5 (Windows) which upgrades the program to X5.0.1:


Thank you very much for your reply, CrazyGecko.

I de-selected the option “read-only”, but, unfortunately, it didn’t help. The file is empty when I open it.

I had already installed the update before; and yes, I use Windows.

If somebody has another idea, please tell me.



Due to the way in which EndNote was designed, we do not recommend running your library from a USB drive. The USB drive can be useful for transporting a library from one location to another, but the file system is simply not as stable as a regular computer hard drive. That being said, if you can open your library files from your local computer, you can attempt to use the Save A Copy option from the File menu to save a new copy of the library to the USB drive for use as a backup.

Also, keep in mind that if you are manually copying a library file from one location to another, be sure to copy both the .enl file and the associated .Data folder:


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