Endnote X5 via passive ftp


I am using Endnote X5 in my office as well as at home. I can acceed the bibliographies on a network drive via a passive ftp onnection. I can open the .enl file in the main directory. The problem is that opening it, Endnote tells me it can’t find the data folder in the same directory (“Are you sure you would like to continue opening the EndNote Library “/private//Endnote/xy.enl” without the associated .Data folder? This is not recommended because it may result in the loss of data including, but not limited to: reference information, file attachments, and term lists.”). Ignoring the warning leeds to complete loss of all data in the specific folder. Any idea how to fix the problem? 

Thank you! 

Yes, don’t open it.  You either need to use the Endnote Web syn or copy the entire library and associated .DATA folder.  It is not designed to work on a passive ftp environment, or dropbox or other cloud based systems, as far as I know.  (ps, don’t kill the messenger).