Endnote X6 exiting slows computer

Since upgrading to endnote X6 every time I close the program it rise to the hard drive for a long time, slowing down the computer and making it impossible to use for around five minutes.

I notice the hard drive light is on constantly during this time.

Any ideas how I can stop this from happening? The only thing I found so far is to close the endnote process in Windows which immediately stops this problem but surely I shouldn’t have to do this every time?


Might help to know your operating system and which version of EndnoteX6 you are using (Mac or PC OS and versions, , X6.0.0 or X6.0.1, the current update for PC or X6.0.2, the current updated for Mac)?   What version did you update from?  Make sure you have updated the current version (either from the Help menu, check for updates, or possibly by downloading and first fully uninstall the previous version before installing the update (but you need your activation number then). 

I’m using Windows 7 enterprise 64Bit, Endnote X6.01. I have clean installed the program as well as the operating system and then the program.

I currently have 3,500 references in my library and 30gb of data.

As soon as I exit endnote, the hdd light stays on for a long time, during which the computer struggles to do anything else, but if I end the Endnote process, the light does not come on and the computer continues as normal.

Hmmm, I have pretty much the same set up, and over 5300 records.  - but I think my folders only comprise about 2Gb of data.

I don’t have any trouble - it shuts down pretty much immediately.  Have you tried to repair the library - albeit you might want to do that on a copy – do your PDFs have long file names?  

Is the information stored on a network drive?  (mine is, but our IT is set up to transfer data pretty efficiently).  Does it take a long  time to access when you first open it?  You might want to talk directly with Tech Support at TR to see if they can trouble shoot further.  

After a little digging around, I find that in the RDB folder, there is a file called pdf_index.myd, which is 3.7gb. It would seem this file is being written to upon exit and as such, it causes the computer to slow down whilst it rewrites the file.

Is there a need for this to happen and if not, how do I disable this function?


I suspect that is the file with the PDF indexing so you can search on the indexed PDFs.  Still don’t know why it takes so long to write though…