EndNote X7 - Mac Pages lag when typing

Recently I upgraded both OS/Pages/EndNote (previously EN4) to MacOSX 10.9, Pages 5.2 and EndNote 7.1. Since then with Pages documents using citiations there is considerable lag when typing which is very distracting.

I never really noticed this on the previous version I was using. If I create a new Pages document with no citations it’s super responsive (until any citations are added).

It seems to be worse when typing large words, if I type a full sentence at a reasonable pace I’ll often have to wait up to 5 seconds for the letters to ‘catch-up’ on the screen. It also seems to get worse as the document gets larger.

In the forums people have reported similar symptoms in Word and disabled “Link in-text citations to references in the bibliography” and reported success. But I don’t see any such options in Pages.

I’m wondering if there is some feature of EndNote in Pages which is analysing my text as I type slowing everything down causing the lag? If so does anyone have any idea on what this feature is and how I can disable it? I really only use it for basic footer citations manually inserted.

Appreciate any suggestions, thank you :slight_smile:

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I experienced the same lag with 7.1/5.2 and just localized the source of the bug:

When removing a EndNote reference in a footnote, the lag disappeared!

I just contacted Apple via feedback and hope, they will fix the bug in a plug-in or Pages update.

Hope this is helpful for you?