.enl saving as .pdf

Just recently when I moved to a new computer I noticed that my .enl files are saving as .pdf.

Why is this?

Thank you,


I am not sure what you meant.  You mean the extension is being changed?  

Yes. And the icon image is that of a pdf.


does the file actually end in a .pdf extension (you need to adjust your computer to show extensions in the folder settings) - or has the .enl extension been assigned to a PDF program?  

I can’t see any way the first should happen, but the second could be an errant click  and you need to disassociate it and reassociate it to Endnote.  In a folder view, right click on the file, choose open with and the programs the extension is associated with will be listed as options.  If endnote isn’t one of them - -“choose default program”   again the associated programs will show, but you need to “choose another program” and then “other programs” and browse to Endnote  (you want to make sure the box is ticked to “always the selected program to open this kind of file”).  

Hope that helps.