enter text in a reference type template to appear in bibliography


I am trying to edit NLM style (EndNote X4 for Mac) for a web page.  The template in the style has inserted text that is supposed to appear in the reference.  Here is the template:

Author. Title. [Type of Medium]| City|: Publisher; Year| [|updated Last Update Date|; cited Access Year Access Date|]|; Edition:[Description]. Available from: URL.

In the template, “updated”, “cited” and “Available from” are all meant to appear in the reference if there is text in the proper fields.  I have text in my Access Date field, but “cited” does not appear in the reference so the date is just hanging out there.  However, I do see the “Available from” text in my reference.  Can you tell me how to make “cited” appear as well?

The section containing “cited”, “Access Year”, “Access Date” could use a few “Link Adjacent Text” and Forced Separation codes dropped-in.  Using an asterick * to represent the Link Adjacent Text code the modified section would go something like this:

|;cited|Access Year|*Access Date|

A cleaner method would be to delete the Access Year and just link “cited” with Access Date.