Entering organization with two names

How do I enter the name of an organization and its suborganization. For example,

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Juvenile Justice

results on the suborganization (Division of Juvenile Justice) being viewed as the first and second names whereas the first part (Alska Department of Health) is viewed as the last name.

Not too complicated, put in two commas, instead of one.  But only the first part will end up in your citation, if that is okay.  If not, I suggest you edit the citation (with the right click, edit citation facility) and hide the author and type in exactly what you want to appear in the Prefix box. 

Just to add-on to Leanne’s posting. The  double-comma enables having both organizational names to appear in the in-text citation and bibliography - at least that’s what occurs in X4.  No editing of the in-text citation is needed.

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services , Division of Juvenile Justice