Entry in main window should keep the focus when returning from editing

When I press the return key on an entry to edit it and then press Ctrl-S and Ctrl-W to save my modifications and return to the main window, the entry that I have just edited is highlighted by a grey bar. This forces me to click on it (or on another entry) in order to resume browsing by using the down arrow. It seems to me that I should not have to do this and that the entry should still have the focus, i.e., be highlighted in blue. Just imagine how many hand movements would be saved in one day!

As a further comment to my post, I would like to add the following, which I unfortunately have difficulty reproducing systematically (it seems to depend on how much or which field in the record I am editing):

If I edit a record located, say, in the middle of the window, and press Ctrl-W followed by Return or press Ctrl-S followed by Ctrl-W to confirm the modification and return to the main window, the record tends to move down to the bottom of the window. Sometimes the record stays in its place, and sometimes it moves. In both cases, the focus is lost and I must click in the window to reactivate it. If the record has moved, I also need to scroll in order to make the several next records visible in order to be able to click on another record I want to edit. Again, more keyboard and/or mouse movements.

This is a known glitch in EndNote X2 - discussed in several other posts in the forum - and is targeted to be fixed in the upcoming X3 release. We tried to get this into one of the free update patches for X2 but it proved to be more elusive than we had hoped.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team