ENX3 and EBSCO GeoRef

I have encountered a bizarre problem with the GeoRef import.  It doesn’t happen to everyone (the import works fine for me).  I’ve seen it in XP and Vista and IE and Firefox.  When some people direct export from GeoRef (EBSCO) the references come in with the type Serials and missing the title and other information (but especially the title).  I can get around this by choosing Generic Bibliographic Management Software in EBSCO, copying the information from the browser into notepad, saving the notepad file as text and then manually importing the file using the GeoRef (EBSCO) filter.  Has anyone seen this yet?  I think it must be a browser setting, because it doesn’t happen to everyone.  I’d really appreciate the help.  Thanks.


This is also happening to me with GeoRef EBSCO on both Internet Explorer and Firefox running in Vista.  It did not happen to me with EndNote X2 or before.

Did anyone figure out this problem?


I still haven’t heard anything about it.  We’re still having the same problem.