"Error! Disk Full" when I generate figure list -- urgent help needed

I have tried to combine the chapters of my dissertation, but I get the following error message under the subtitle “List of Figures” at the end of the doc when I generate the figure list:

“Error! Disk Full. Free some disk space and recalculate this field.”

My dissertation has 200 small-sized jpeg images. I have combined the chapters using the “master document” function (in Word 2004). I also tried pasting the chapters (with unformatted citations) one after the other into a new doc. Neither method can handle the images.

Please help! I’m not sure where to poste this note, so I put it in more than one forum.

I would delete the other msg.  It only wastes band width and we all read all the endnote forums! 

You could try compressing all your images.  right click on one of them, format picture and and go to the picture tab and compress, all images to print (200dpi) deleting cropped areas (see attached).  This will decrease any big images to a smaller size.  this really helps, at least on a PC. 

If that doesn’t work – try this thread, always making back up copies?  http://word.mvps.org/mac/DiskFullError.html and maybe http://www.macfixitforums.com/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/667525/site_id/1#import.  Maybe a Mac user can be of more help. 


Thank you, Leanne. I have often relied upon your responses to other users since I starting using Endnote. They’ve always been helpful. I wasn’t able to fix the problem like you suggested, but the links you sent indicate that there is a bug in Word. That’s good to know. 

I resolved the problem the hard way. I compiled the chapters, formatted the citations, and then removed the field codes. Then I had to cut and paste the images, and fix the formatting (italics) since Endnote doesn’t seem to read the italics in the captions in my references. It was time consuming, but at least it worked! 

Thank you so much, again!