et al in remote sensing journal of environment

I am using endnote X7 trial version for my citation work and i have to use remote sensing of environment as reference. In citation i have to use et al if there are more than 2 authors with the year but i am not able to do it. I tried in edit option as well. Still unable to do so… pls help

Author numbers used in citations are controlled by the output style.  What output style are you using in the manuscript?  (see the endnote ribbon (word 2007/2010) or format bibliogrpahy menu)

To change this (and I would be surprised if it is more than 2 and not more than  3) you would edit the output style in endnote, and change the citations to more then 2 for both “1st appearance” and subsequent appearances in the citation author list section.  Save as to a new name, and change the manuscript to use this newly named output style.  add another ref or reformat bibliography if it doesn’t update automatically.