Existing paper has manual refs&cites needs EN

I’m deleting all my manual references & citations in my literature review, looking them all up at school library, copying pdf’s of them to my pc, then copying all those references and pdf’s to EndNote, to later click and cite in text from EN library. I’m going to make a “save as” copy of lit review prior to this in case I mess it up. And, doing an external backup for my EN library and PC. Maybe working on permanantly syncing EN web & desktop eventually if it’s even possible. Does any of this sound like I am on the right track? If not, please advise. Oh, I’m using APA 6th Edition and eventually hope to publish dissertation into Proquest if there is additional advice on that. The in text citations may be different in that I’m not sure if I will be using no parenthesis around the author’s, but only parenthesis around year of publication with in text citations. Thank you.

Certainly retrieving the cited papers is the best idea and getting them into your endnote library.  It may be better to retreive them from a database than by importing the PDF info, as that is often incomplete or non-existant depending on the age of the PDF and publisher.  You can also export the citations as RIS format with abstracts, directly from the publishers website into endnote.  Or using the connection feature of endnote to for example, Pubmed which is free to the public or web of science which is propriatory.  Not sure of your discipline and what databases you might have at your disposal.  

Backing up things is obviously a sensible precaution.

Synching to the cloud via Endnotes sync capabailities is also good.  

I don’t know anything about publishing a disertation to Proquest.  sorry.

Endnote’s strength is the ability to change the output style to revise the format of the citations and reference list as needed.  

Thank you Leanne. I’m still not sure how to attach PDF files. I have been copying them to my computer and then adding them to endnote from my pc. Not sure if there’s an easier way to get the pdf with the original exportation of the endnote info from Proquest database. I know I can get a pdf from there, just not sure if it can be done at the same time as would be much simpler.