Exporting/Importing from TRIS?

I’ve got a patron doing extensive searching with TRIS. Initially we were marking the records in question and then downloading them from TRIS to EndNote. Although records are created, it looks like the data is going into the wrong fields. I saw references to a TRIS import filter when I was doing some web searches for this problem, but darned if I can locate said filter. Any suggestions?

The basic problem is that the references exported from TRIS do not contain the %0 [zero] field, which tells EndNote which reference type to apply when importing the reference. So they are all imported with the default reference type (Book).

The EndNote Import filter used to be smart enough to know that any record which contained the Journal field and the Volume field was a Journal Article, but it apparently can’t do that in recent versions. I’ve also noticed that it can no longer correctly import a personal name without a comma (e.g. Smith J).

You could edit all the records before import to insert the %0 field (with the appropriate EndNote reference type). Alternatively, you could do some editing of the EndNote Import filter. For example,you can edit the templates for the Journal Article reference type, and insert the following series of lines:

%J a

%J e

%J i

%J o

%J u

Now your journal articles should import correctly, providing that the reference has a vowel in the Journal Title field.

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