Exporting to Refworks


I want to export some of my references to RefWork.

For importing, they propose in RefWork the option between Version 8 or Version 7 and lower…:  Import EndNote V8+ Database

I am using Endnote X5, which is not presented as an option in RefWork

I also tried to export from EndNote, and then Import from RefWork. But I did not succeed  either.

someone can help? 10x

Is RefWorks able to import a text (.txt) file?  If so, you could export your EndNote references as a text file by using the tab delimited output style.  Then just import the text file into RefWorks.

10x a lot for so quick an answer.

I tried…but it did not work as RefWorks does not import *.txt files

Actually the solution is even more easy.

As EndNote X5 is newer than Endnote 8, I saved my endnote references in the .enl format, and just imported directly into RefWork…and, magic, it got there unharmed…

So, if anyone jas the same problem, and I don’t get there before you (which won’t be easy…), tell them!

thanks again, CrazyGecko!