Extra citations spontaneously appear????

I’m working with Endnote X4 on my hard drive.  Today I was adding some cites while typing a doc.  I added cite #36.  The next time I added a cite, it was #86 and there were all these extra citations that somehow appeared in the mean time!! They were fairly relevant citations, same subject matter, but not all cited in the doc I was working on.

I was wondering - if I happened to open up another doc that had endnote codes, with the whole mobile bibliography feature, could they have somehow gotten added to my database? (However, I looked in my recently viewed docs list and couldn’t find anything with a MS Word-based endnote-generated ref list.

Sooooo bizarre…



I figured this out but thought I’d leave my message up in case other people have the same problem.

I downloaded citation #36 from the journal article’s website where they give the option to “Export citation.” I accidently checked the box that allowed it to download the article AND all cited references, which added the extra 50 refs without my realizing it.

First time I’ve seen a journal website have that option as the default!