"Extras" in word blocked


I have a strange behavior in word xp since I installed X2. The menu “extras” is blocked - it opens, but I cannnot choose any item from the list. Also the items in the word toolbar are ‘blinking’ fast, when rolled over with the mouse.The other menues (like file, help etc.) work properly, it is only extras which is blocked.

When I close word and reopen, sometimes the menu is working proper again. 

Can this be a bug caused by Ennote x2?



I am not sure what you mean by the “extras” menu.  Can you attach a screen shot?  Have you reviewed the FAQ about possible add-in conflicts.  I am not sure they have all been absolutely defined for X2 yet, but are there other add-ins you are using in addition to EN?


Thanks for your help. I have no other addins installed. I attach a screenshot. Maybe in english the extras menue of word is a other term. It pops up, but I can not choose anything in it. The other menues are fine.