Find Full Text doesn't work inactive light grey


We have a user who has trouble searching full-text articles. He has made all settings under Edit → Preferences → Find Full Text

It is in the next step when he is going to search all references that have Full Text, as it does not work. He has done the following
1.Click on References
2.Select Find Full Text, so far it works
3. When he selects Find Full Text … in this mode, it does’t work, the function is inactive (light gray)

Who can we solve the problem?

Kind regards,

Ann Liljegren

Find full text searches and retrieves the full text article from the publishers or archive online resources. It doesn’t specify searching attached full text articles?  That is an option in the search itself.  Search PDF or search “Any Field + PDF” or “Any Field + PDF + Notes”.  Or am I misunderstanding your question?  

I can duplicate the issue (find full text greyed out) if I deselect the items in the screenshot - could you confirm that these are ticked?



find full text.jpg