Find Full Text feature grayed out, unusable

I’ve searched the forums and read John East’s X2 guide at the U. of Queensland site, but I haven’t come across a solution for my problem yet.

After installing X2 on my Mac (running 10.5.6), I used the Find Full Text (FFT) feature to download pdfs from Web of Science using a VPN connection to my university; I was pleased with the results.

Since then a couple weeks have passed and now after searching WoS and finding citations I need via the same VPN connection, the FFT option is grayed out in the main and contextual menus.  The only thing that might have changed between when FFT worked and now is that I installed the 2.0.1 patch in order to avoid having search results automatically added to my library.

Is there something I’m missing in Preferences, or some condition(s) necessary for FFT to be a valid option in the menu?  I’m highlighting the desired citations before opening the menu, of course.

Thanks for any help,


You first need to move them to your library from the Online mode window.  The FFT option would be greyed out, if you are still in the online mode and not the Local Library or integrated mode. 

Bingo!  I knew it would be something simple like that.  :)