First bibliography reference appended to last text paragraph.

Hi folks.  The subject line says it all.  I’m using Endnote with Apple’s Pages on a MacBook.  After inserting temporary citations, I export my file to a .rtf document (so far, so good).  I then use EndNote Tools>Format Paper to change the temporary citations into "real"ones, and assemble the bibliography.  All citations convert appropriately.

The problem is that the first entry in the bibliography is appended to the end of the last paragraph of the paper.  When I save the same paper from Word for Mac as rtf and try this, the bibliography is created normally; therefore, it seems to me that Pages doesn’t save rtf in the same way.  My guess would be a missing end-of-line code or a missing paragraph break; the problem is that when I “turn on invisibles” those codes are present.  Hitting Return to skip lines after the last paragraph doesn’t fix the problem–the first bibliography entry is still sttached to the last character of text in the last paragraph.  

Any ideas?  Thanks.