First Reference in Chapter


I’d like to be able to get Endnote to produce a full reference the first time that a work is cited in each chapter.  I’m using Turabian Bibliography.  As it is now, Endnote only produces a full reference the first time that the work is cited.   I have a 7 chapter dissertation, and my advisor asked that a full reference appear the first time in each chapter. 

Is there a way I can do this without changing from Turabian to some other style?

Thank you.

Are using EndNote X4? If so, here’s a thought - have you tried using the “Sections” portion of the Turabian output style to create a bibliography for each chapter (section) in the document,  in conjunction with inserting section breaks (via MS Word) between the chapters?  The underlying idea is that separating each chapter (i.e., inserting the section break) also separates the bibliographic entries by chapter.  So an entry appearing in chapter one will appear as a complete entry in chapter 2 although it was previously cited in chapter 1.

You can test this by first making a copy of your dissertation then:

  1. Treat each of your “test” dissertation chapters as a distinct section by inserting a Next Page section break in your document (via MS Word). This will create a section break on the last page of a given chapter. For example, at the end of chapter 1, insert a new Next Page section break on continuing on the next page (which is the start of chapter 2).  Continue inserting Next Page section breaks between the remaining chapters.

  2. Modify the Turabian output style so it will generate a bibliography at the end of each section (chapter).  [Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT TURABIAN BIBLIOGRAPHY.  Then in the Turabian Bibliography output style click on “Sections”. Click to select: Create a bibliography for each section (and the “continue numbering…” option if needed).] Close the output style which will save the changes as a copy (Turabian Bibliography Copy) so adjust the EndNote and MS Word settings.

Note: If you need to have one bibliography at the end of your dissertation, select the “Create a bibliography for each section and a complete bibliography at the end of the document”.

  1. Update the citations and bibliography.  

If you need more information, use the “Help” button on the EndNote toolbar and search for “Sections”.