floating menu keeps moving; how to dock it?

I just upraded to X4 (on a Mac 10.6 with Office 2011). Now, the floating Endnote menu (the one with the insert, format,
etc. buttons) keeps moving to the center of the screen. I move it up to the top of the Word window, and in a minute of working (switching between windows), it moves itself down again, obscuring part of my document. It’s extremely annoying. How do I get it to stay up? Or even better, is it possible to permanently dock it in the Word toolbars or Ribbon so it stays up there with the other formatting buttons? Or, can I manually add Endnote functions (I only need insert and format) into the customized Word toolbar? I tried it - InsertCitation can be added, but it doesn’t work correctly when clicked. Format bibliography isn’t there at all to be added (or, I couldn’t find it).



See this threadfor the current explanation  of this apparently Word2011 bug.