They say that apps take flight with Flutter! This can be certainly the truth as Flutter is among the best platforms to create hybrid apps. And not just me, all the top developers out there also choose Flutter to create hybrid apps that would function in both Android and iOS systems. Customers are satisfied with making beautiful apps in record time. 

So, Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building user-friendly, amazing and natively compiled apps for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. Its preview was released in November 2019 and its stable release was in December 2019. The platforms it can support are Android, iOS, Google Fuschia, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Flutter is the newest mobile app SDK from the house of Google, intended to make cross-platform  app development easier than ever before.

Let us now understand what actually flutter is. So Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK, complete with a framework, different widgets, and tools, that gives developers an easy way to build and deploy visually attractive, and fast mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms. 

The thing is really advantageous as it provides users with a smooth and easy cross-platform mobile app development. The best part is, one codebase is needed for both the systems.

More about Flutter:

  • It is absolutely free and open-source.
  • It works on the basis of DART that is a fast, object-oriented programming language which in itself is very easy to learn.
  • It will provide developers, widgets of their own. The widgets moreover, are known for their high-performance rendering engine, fast, pretty and customizable!
  • These rich widgets make the Flutter app look good and feel great, as the innovators say it! You can create your own custom app design, and also you may use readily available UI elements, of course, by following the platform’s guidelines. You must see the top apps by Google Flutter.
  • You will be surprised to know that the architecture of Flutter is based on the very popular reactive programming of today. In fact, React has also been made with the same architecture.
  • Flutter is now an official competition to React Native, and also to native app development.

Flutter’s layered architecture gives you control over every pixel on the screen, and its powerful compositing capabilities let you overlay and animate graphics, video, text, and controls without limitation. Flutter includes a full set of widgets that readily give you pixel-perfect experiences on both iOS and Android.

Did you know? Flutter is better than Android Native. It uses Dart as a programming language while developing apps using Flutter. Java/Kotlin is used in the Native Android app development which using Flutter we can develop an app for both Android and Ios using the same code.

 Let us now go through the different advantages that Flutter provides you:

  • Flutter speeds up the mobile app development process.
  • It reduces the cost of app production.
  • It helps your team to build a beautiful app UI with smooth animations.
  • Faster and more dynamic code writing is now possible with Flutter. The developers are free to make changes in the code and see them straight away in the app. Its impressive feature called Hot Reload helps the team to add features, fix bugs and experiment faster.
  • Hot Reload is very cooperative when it comes to developer design relations in order to improve or experiment with an app’s look or check the effects on the spot. So with this, most types of changes can be hot reloaded, though there are a few restrictions. 
  • Less testing is needed when it comes to its quality assurance process. Because it has one codebase for both android and iOS, quality assurance people have to lessen their work! 
  • In July last year, Google announced Flutter 1.7, which supports the latest android version, Android Q and works with updated requirements of the Google Play Store.
  • Designs, as offered by Flutter, will surely be loved by everyone. They have their catalog and a wide range of varieties to choose from. 
  • People are readily choosing Flutter these days because the new apps will still look the same on older devices. So, the added benefit is that there are no additional costs to support older devices. 
  • Best for all, Flutter is backed by Google.
  • Last, but not the least, it is the best Minimum Viable Product (MVP) one could ask for! It’s easy to build, and flexible by nature, so anything you plan to do goes well so long as you hire flutter developers good at their job.