Folder display Suggestion..

Dear Sir/Madam,

As suggested by Ms Nurshasha F. B. M. Y., Product Support Representative- EndNote, Customer Service while handling the Clarivate Analytics Case # CM-210717-4750410 : How to [ref:_00D411O1D5._5004NtYcZp:ref], I would like to submit a product improvement suggestion.

Currently when we view the list of articles in a particular folder say - All References, we are able to see the fields such as Author, Year, Title, etc. We can also add some existing fields and modify the folder list view.

However, we are not able to view the Folder/Group in which each article is being tagged/stored/referenced.

In case we wish to see that, the workaround suggested by Ms Nurshasha is to add a new custom field as ‘Folder’ and edit each article to enter the Folder details in this new custom field and then to include this in the fields to display setting.

However, this option is not feasible is we have already collected many articles in EndNote and made many folder/sub-folders, often including the same article under multiple folders and want to review them again.

Since the system tracks the folders/groups created for each article, I think it would be very helpful to users to be able to see this field and organize their articles more efficiently.

Thanks and Regards,

Kedareshwaran S

Hope this feature would be considered usef