Folder structure online doesn't match desktop

I was quite surprised to learn that the folder structure on the Web version of Endnote does not match that in the desktop version.  In other words, I spent time making an organized heirarchy of Group Sets, groups, and subgroups, and then Synced it online, and was surprised that when I went to the online version that structure was lost.  Online all folders are basically equal.  To me this makes the online version of limited usefulness.  I usually work with a team of research assistants, and I need them to be able to go onto the online version and organize articles by content (code them).  But, without the structure saved, I will need them to actually use my desktop version.  That isn’t feasible.  I should point out that Mendeley has an online version of their software that really nicely matches their desktop version.  So, all the folder structure and sorting is equally useable online.  I find this a major limitation of Web Endnote, and encourage you to add this feature as soon as possible.