Footnote citation years getting cut off after upgrading to X6

If I insert multiple citations within a single pair of brackets in the footnotes of a doc, the last digit of the year is omitted in all but the last citation. For example:

{Annas, 1995 #212;Annas, 1998 #491;Annas, 2003 #705} should appear when formatted as

Annas 1995, 1998, 2003. And if I put it in the main body, it does.

Instead, the formatted version in the footnotes looks like this: Annas 199, 199, 2003

This behavior started immediately after upgrading to X6 on a Mac (using Word 2011). The same documents that have this problem worked fine with X5 and before. This seems like a bug. To rule out corruption in my style, I tried different styles and deleted my old “Author Date” style and downloaded a fresh copy of it and modified that in X6. Same behavior.